Colour coding or the colouring scheme is to know, identify which fluid is flowing inside the pipelines. This can be applicable to building piping, process piping, industrial piping, chemical or process plants. Complete piping systems including valves, fittings are to be painted accordingly.
Paints and paint shades selected should conform to the governing standard prior to provision.

Giving a base or ground colour to pipelines based on fluid flowing, the line identification is done. Further colour bands are provided accordingly. The base/ground colour gives the basic nature of the flowing fluid (i.e. water, air, gases etc.).

Typically ground colours are provided on the full pipe section or minimum 300 mm length portion or by attaching the label.

Ground colourFluid flow inside the pipe
Sky BlueAir
Over and above the base colour or ground colour to the pipeline, colour bands are provided to differentiate and identify the application of the basic fluid.